Eco friendly

A committed park

Since 2017, Xotik-Ha welcomes little ones and grown-up adventurers at 29 km south of Playa del Carmen and makes its top priority for caring for the environment!

An exceptional natural setting

The park is located in the heart of an outstanding natural area, in a vast tropical jungle with scattered cenotes. In this jungle, there is an admirable biodiversity: sapodilla (a Mexican tree that can reach 35m high), chechen tree, chaca tree, fig tree, guaya and many other species.

The fauna is also very present in this jewel of preserved nature, and many species evolve freely: squirrel, iguana, coati, agouti, spider monkey, deer, tapir, etc.

It is not uncommon to watch bird species such as chachalacas, motmots or pheasants, just to name a few.

In the cenote, swim turtles, catfish, molly and blind fish.

Active nature preservation

To preserve this natural area which constitutes a real reservoir of biodiversity, the adventure park Xotik-Ha is committed to a genuine active preservation process. A simple management plan put in place and managed by a forestry expert and approved by the competent authorities ensures sustainable management of the forest.

All the installations of the ropes course are made of wood or other recyclable materials, the roads are protected by a thick layer of sand, to avoid trampling of the roots. The park was built with traditional methods to protect existing trees.

The park has also chosen to limit the use of paper as much as possible, limiting waste, placing selective waste bins, etc.

A signage has also been put in place to precisely indicate protected and sensitive areas that are not accessible to the public. The smoking area is also subject to strict delimitation.

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