Safety on all activities!

safety is our first concern

That’s why we have:

  • a continuous lifeline on all our courses
  • a qualified and vigilant staff
  • adapted and quality safety equipment
  • secure facilities
  • clear signage
  • a safety management program to control regularly courses, personal equipment, platforms, cables and trees.

Continuous Lifeline!

Our adventure park is equipped with a continuous lifeline, also called continuous belay on cable. With a continuous belay system on cable, visitors are continuously connected to the lifeline (cable) from the start to the finish without any possibility of becoming unlocked – which provides the highest safety level.

At the start of the trail, the visitors simply connect the lifeline into the belay device (safety hook) and they can run the whole trail – in term of safety, no specific further action is required.

This is the highest safety system in existence. At Xotik-Ha, we opted for the continuous belay system from COUDOU PRO, a user-friendly concept of continuous lifeline. Participants cannot detach until the end of the course or with the help of a staff. A real guarantee of safety and confidence for the comfort of the participants.

Adapted and quality safety equipment

All necessary safety equipment is provided: harness, lanyard, COUDOU PRO safety hook and PETZL pulley.

The equipment has been subjected to strict safety tests by the best manufacturers of climbing equipment. It is regularly checked by our team.

Personal equipment is prohibited.

Secure facilities

Xotik-Ha adventure park was built by professionals based on the EU standards (EN 15567-1).

The challenge ropes courses and zip lines are made of standard 3/8” stainless steel cables.

The park is equipped with the continuous belay system ZAZA from French brand COUDOU PRO. It is a user-friendly concept of continuous lifeline.

Qualified and vigilant staff

The instructors benefit from a specific training of operator of acrobatic course in height. All supervisors are prepared to coach you with maximum safety. Height attendants can intervene at any time, whether in height or on the ground, and carry out an examination of your harness.

Safety Management

Safety management is organized daily at Xotik-Ha Ecopark, thanks to a competent, qualified and vigilant team.

Every day before the park opens, the courses are tested by the instructors. All the harnesses are controlled. A visual inspection of the trees is carried out in order to detect any broken branch and any other nuisance of the trees. The signage is checked every morning so that it is always clear.

Healthy trees

We want to enjoy the beauty of nature in the Riviera Maya as long as possible. That is why we attach great importance to respecting the environment, the trees and the vegetation of Xotik-Ha Ecopark.

The health and strength of the park’s trees is checked regularly by our staff and every year by an independent expert.

Clear signage

Finally, the signage of the park allows each one to be informed of the location of the XTREES courses and of the obstacles constituting the latter.

You will see pictograms at the beginning of each challenge describing what participants need to do (where they need to hang, how to progress, and what to do).

Aventure parc and weather

Like any outdoor activity, ropes course is dependent on weather conditions. In case of thunderstorms, strong winds or rain, activity is suspended. After each episode of bad weather, a control of the installations is carried out. This safety check can lead to a temporary closure of the adventure park for refurbishment.

continuous life line coudou pro at Xotikha ecopark
switching plate coudou pro at Xotik-ha ecopark
continous belay system coudou pro at Xotik-ha ecopark
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  • Facts

  • Type of park: forest adventure park
    Structural System: trees and poles
    Target visitors: kids from 2 years old and adults
    Height of the lifeline: “mid-height”
    Belay system: continuous belay system on cable
    Location: jungle