School Trips

fun and educational school trips in the nature

By organizing an educational excursion to Xotik-Ha, the teachers guarantee an unforgettable day to the children.

school trip in the nature

Xotik-Ha offers a new component to education for school groups. Our self-guided activity allows students to soar, zip, climb, crawl, and swing between trees while learning about Nature.

More than a simple sports day trip, a moment of surpassing oneself…

A school trip in Xotik-Ha means:

  • Taming height and space surrounded by nature
  • Learning to surpass oneself
  • Developing a team and mutual help spirit in the group
  • The opportunity to be proud of the achievement of a personal challenge
school trips at Xotik-ha ecopark
School trips

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Cenote in Playa del Carmen

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