Bachelor Party

celebrate a bachelor party in a fun way

Celebrate a bachelor(ette) party in a fun way. Experience crazy times together with your friends. For sure you won’t forget it…

a creative way to celebrate a bachelor party

Advantages for the lucky man/woman:

  • As of 8 participants, the entrance fee is FREE for the bride/groom.
  • As of 11 participants, a digital pack of photos and the entrance fee are FREE for the bride/groom.

Come with disguises to make the party even funnier but you can also choose to be creative before your arrival.

bachelor party creative idea
family fun activity

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family activity at the cenote

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For bachelor or bachelorette parties

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Xotik-ha obstacle courses map
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Test your courage

Have Fun

Overcome your Own Fears

Be Outside

Be in the Nature

Do some Physical Activities