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Xotikha very easy course

This course opens the doors for adventure in complete freedom! It is without harness or lifeline that children overcome the obstacles.

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Xotik-ha mini kids playground map with challenges

It is composed of 6 challenges less than one meter from the ground. This course allows the little ones to develop their balance and to overcome their fear.

Accessible from 2 years old with the obligatory presence of an adult!

Obstacles Height: less than 3ft / 1m from the ground
Spiderweb height:
16 ft / 5 m
Level of difficulty:

6 challenges:

  • the crossing on logs
  • the tarzan swing
  • the triple jump bars
  • the Monkey balance cable
  • zig-zag bridge
  • Spider rope pyramid: a giant pyramidal climbing structure made up of ropes.
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  • Practical Info

  • The age and height of the children determine the courses to which they have access.
    The color of the courses indicates the level of difficulty of the courses.
    The activity is done gradually from course to course.
    From 4ft 7in / 1.40 m, all courses are accessible.