Black Course

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Xotikha very hard course

After completing the Red Course, you can enter the more challenging Black Course! It offers the highest elevation and the most difficult obstacles in the entire park.

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Xotik-ha black course map with challenges

Overcome new challenges to test your mental and physical strength. This course includes a variety of challenges such as the “Wobbly Steps”, an athletic path for the brave only… it’s waiting for you!

This course is equipped with a continuous life line: the participant hangs his lanyard to the system thanks to a carabiner and can no longer disconnect himself (except for the intervention of our staff) before the end of the course. A real guarantee of safety and confidence for the comfort of climbers and supervisors.

10 Challenges and 1 Zipline

Course Height: 11 to 33 ft / 3.3 to 10 m
Course Length: 820 ft / 250 m
Zipline Height: 40 ft / 12 m
Zipline Length: 260 ft / 80 m
Difficulty Level: VERY HARD
Approx. Time: 60 min
Minimum Body Height: 4ft 7in / 1m40
Maximum Body Weight: 240 lbs / 110 kg

  • Half trunk
  • Platform incline
  • Sloping balance beam
  • Crazy trunks
  • Rocking logs
  • Swinging bars
  • Cross bridge
  • Wobbly steps
  • Zig-zag bridge
  • Spider net
  • Sloping balance beam
  • Zipline
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  • Practical Info

  • The age and height of the children determine the courses to which they have access.
    The color of the courses indicates the level of difficulty of the courses.
    The activity is done gradually from course to course.
    From 4ft 7in / 1.40 m, all courses are accessible.