Cave Diving in Minotauro

a must for cave diver

Minotauro is the system you MUST dive if you are a certified cave diver!! The system is a labyrinth made of different ground levels surrounded by a little Cenote opening.

cave diving in the famous minotauro system

The cave is small, but you can fit very easily with a back mount configuration for most of it; however, you will feel better with a side mount.

Many fragile decorations can be seen along the way, and the brown color and close walls give you a real “cave” feeling.

Maximum depth is around 50 feet – 15 meters, just below the halocline.

Cenote Minotauro, which gives its name to the whole system, is located 1 km inland across the beach of Xpu Ha.

Its access is the same as Xotik-Ha Ecopark, therefore you have access to the park bathrooms and restaurant.

Cenote Minotauro is easy to get in for cave divers. We have a reserved parking lot for divers and tables (at the right height) to mount your cave equipment.

Access to Cenote Minotauro is via a staircase and you simply walk up to the water.

Explorers have spent years mapping the system. The numerous passages explored, including all the unreported existing lines, bring the size of the system to 8,739m/29,438ft.

The following cenotes are part of the system: Minotauro, Estrella, Escalera, Piedra, Winz and another very small one in the center of the depression that separates this system from the nearby Taj Mahal.

cave diving in Xotik-ha cenote system
bring your cave diver certification
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Explore a Cave

Dive to the extreme

Challenge yourself

Go beyond

Expect an unforgettable experience

  • Facts

  • Type of diving / environment: cave and technical diving
    Target visitors: divers with cave certification or instructor
    Maximum-Depth: 50 feet / 15 meters
    Size of the system: 29,438ft / 8,739m
    Location: jungle

Open: daily from 8:00 am to 5:00 pm

Activity: cave diving


  • Your cave dive gear
  • Your cave diving certification (if you come with a full-cave instructor, he should bring a copy of his instructor certification)
  • Leave valuables at home
  • Reserved parking for divers
  • Reserved tables to mount your equipment
  • Access to the park bathrooms and restaurant

Entrance fee is $300 Pesos per person.

What is Cave diving?

Cave diving is technical diving, and penetration into caves is authorized only if the diver possesses a recognized “CAVE” certification. With this pass, you have access to kilometers of cave line leading you through some of the most beautiful flooded “cave systems” of the world. There are experiences for all levels with always a stunning change of scenery.

In the caves, the diving conditions are very easy, with very low currents, a shallow depth, and lots of stalactites, stalagmites, and columns.

On the other hand, these are sediment caves formed by limestone dissolution; bottoms and ceilings are FRAGILE, and we request from all divers great effort to care for these places, leaving them as intact and undisturbed as possible.

For most of these places, you do not need other technical certifications such as “trimix” or “rebreathers” systems. However, an “Advance Nitrox” or “Nitrox” certification is recommended.

More than 150 cave systems are known in the state of Quintana Roo. Minotauro System is one of them.